The Chase for Food Waste

The Chase for Food Waste

Last week Munchy was in big trouble.

He was chased around the city by Villain and his team who wanted to put their dirty hands on all the food waste and stop him from transforming it into compost.

See how things go for him this week….

Munchy seems to be again in real trouble. The chase around the city is not over! Will the Villain get him? Will Munchy find a safe place to hide? And what will happen to all the food waste if Munchy will get caught by the evil Villain?

Evil garbage truck follows jaws. Stops at garbage can


Munchy is a winner! He did the magic trick and got ahead of the evil waiters that were chasing him around the city having in mind to steal all the food waste. Now, Munchy throws them in the back of the garbage truck, right where they belong! Sometimes is easier that you think to change your old compost service provider. Let us do Muncky’s magic trick and buy you the contract. You won’t regret a thing! Check the website 😉 

Muncky throws waiters in back and garbage

What do you think Pearl is saying to Munchy?

Pearl: “We have an incredible offer that everybody should know about! Here it is: We, Devoured family, are paying $100 to anyone referring a customer that signs up for food composting services with us from now until June 30th. Email your referral introductions to! Our clients save money on their waste bill AND recycle food wastes! Already composting? No problem – talk to us about better rates and service!!!” 

Jaws at Pearls, she is yelling at him for being late

Muhahaha!!! Are you going to eat that?  Villain is angry because Munchy got away.  He slaps the little rat! Munchy is too fast, to greedy and wise for him. But Villain has a plan…..

 Villain angry because Jaws got away

Meanwhile Munchy finally go home!

Managing a business with passion requires a lot of time and energy, especially an active business such as deconstructing food waste. There are no time outs. Plans are made during the sleep too! Munchy is resting, but still dreams of his adventures with his friends.

Jaws in bed dreaming of his friends “I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in”

Till next time contact us for a dedicated offer he just made!


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